Commercial Renovations and Remodels

Leasing or Purchasing a Existing Commercial Building or Space?

Timeless Properties Construction Co. is the top resource for Commercial Renovations and Remodels in North and South Carolina.  Taking an existing space and remodeling is a challenging task to perform and you need an experienced team to perform the work to get it done right.  At Timeless Properties we have the experience and properly manage the construction process to ensure everything is delivered to you with full transparency.  Unlike new construction commercial renovations are extremely complicated and it takes a high level of understanding to determine what can be reused, what has to be replaced, what has to be upgraded, and most importantly the cost to do it right without cutting corners.  This is probably the most challenging style of construction to properly quote, schedule, and manage.  Renovations require constant communication and coordination with multiple parties to determine financial party responsibility(tenant or landlord with leased spaces), code requirements,  and unforeseen issues that can ruin a project budget.

We strive to be different when estimating and performing these projects.  Our reputation is unmatched in this arena.  Integrity and Honesty is what separates us from the competition.  We are the most transparent company in the market when discussing, reviewing, and proposing renovation costs on commercial spaces.  These spaces are the easiest to quote low and end up high.  Provide a unrealistic timeline and take 3 times as long.  We have seen it all and clients that don’t work with us the first time always return for the second project.   If your looking for a trustworthy partner that will deliver on what they promise look no further.

Timeless Properties Construction retains an extremely high repeat client rate.  These clients know and trust we provide the highest caliber of work and deliver on what we promise.  Our Reputation is everything to us.  We strive to make sure every customers experience is a great one that is shared long after we turnover the space