About Timeless Properties

The Timeless Niche

Timeless Properties Construction is a Licensed Building Contractor located in Wilmington, NC.  We are licensed to perform construction services in North and South Carolinas.

Timeless was founded in 2007 with a goal to provide clients with  stress-free construction experience.   We set out to change the construction  industry.

What we are not:

  • The-everything contractor
  • The-cheapest contractor
  • The-quickest contractor
  • The-flashiest contractor
  • The-largest contractor

In truth we are the DIFFERENT contractor.  Our core values start with focusing on the highest quality customer experience in the building industry. 

Our core building focus is Commercial Development, Commercial Building, and/or Commercial build outs.  Our current markets are Eastern North and South Carolina.  We exist for the clients looking for a builder and team who have the Timeless Core Values. Our purpose is to help these clients fulfill their visions, dreams, and goals.

We are not afraid to lose a deal by telling clients:

  • Your budget is too low or not realistic
  • The property/building won’t work for your needs
  • The project will take much longer than they plan or expect
  • The location is not right for the business and you should keep looking

Though our honesty has caused us to lose potential projects from time to time.  Undoubtedly, in the end we are trying to create the underlying trust that can only be built on honesty.  We have had client after client pass on our services the first time only to return for their next project.  This trust has allowed us to build and maintain lasting relationships with many of our clients.  We hope you can be that next client to experience the Timeless difference.

Timeless Core Values and Mission

Each candidate and member of our company is measured and guided by our Organizations Core Values.  The Timeless brand is built on these values:

T eam Player

I ntegrity 

M otivated 

E fficient

L oyal

E nthusiastic, Energetic, and Positive

S incere Passion for Work and Community

S uccess and Growth Oriented

A Different Type of Contractor

We will make sure your project is priced right, and you are provided with what you are promised because we will do it in writing.  The easiest way to do that is to have it designed correctly.  We know changes and project additions happen, but at Timeless Properties Construction Co we believe it should be your choice, not ours.

We prioritize our core values in everything we do.  Focusing on maintaining and growing our reputation for Integrity and Honesty in a complex industry is difficult.  Our Design Service can save you from the typical construction project traps like:

  • The “We Didn’t Include That in our Price” using the clients lack of construction knowledge to create the Surprise Change order in the middle of your project.
  • The “Errors and Omissions” telling the client during construction that the plans show that, or the architect must have missed it.
  • The “Value Engineer Option” to supposedly save you money.  Typically, builders do this using inferior or residential projects that won’t hold up in a commercial environment. The savings provided up front will quite often leave you stuck replacing or fixing construction issues within a year of construction.
  • “Savings” provided by contractors who don’t properly budget to oversee your project quality and schedule.  This can end in massive overages, extended timelines, and create issues you will need to deal with for years to come.
  • The “Bait and Switch” of contractors coming in low with full intention of using the initial low bid to get in the door. Once the project commences, they are doing everything in their power to charge the client for every little thing that they happened not to include or provide in the initial proposal.

The Timeless Difference

Since inception, we have worked diligently to provide clients with something different from the norm of Construction Industry Practices.  The perception of General Contractors is often negative.

As an illustration we often see issues like this arrive:

  • Obtaining deposits from a client then disappearing
  • Making unrealistic promises to get a contract signed
  • Misrepresenting project timelines
  • Excluding required items in a project

Regardless of the misrepresentation we have seen them all.  In the short term it has cost us business time and time again.  Frustrating as it seems, in order to realize how important honesty is in this business many clients use us on their second or third project.  Undoubtedly once a client goes through that painful experience they won’t ever want to go through it again.  This has allowed us to clearly differentiate ourselves from the competition.

We do not claim that every other company in the industry is bad, deceptive, or dishonest.  Far from it, there are many other honest Contractors in every market.  In the event a project is not a fit for us, we are happy to recommend other great contractors for your project.  Still this issue is something we have continually battled since beginning business and still battle to this day.

The devil is normally in the details.  Often we will show clients the differences in proposals.  Take the time to explain the missing items that will be required.  Even warn clients about a reputation or prior event.   In the end clients still often choose that magic low number.  Surely that low bid will not exceed our initial price in the end they think.  Undoubtedly it does happen in reality for many clients.  We know because we follow up and check.

Fortunately for our past and current clients this story ends when the Timeless experience begins.

Leadership Team

Our team of project managers, site supervisors, and office staff has a broad collection of industry knowledge.  Not only experience but also dedication to providing clients with quality work sets us apart.  Whether its your first project or tenth we always strives for complete customer satisfaction.